Submersible Motors

  • Rating: 0.5 HP to 252 HP
Features :

  • High operating efficiency and lesser power consumption
  • Water cooled Rewindable motor
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired
  • Industry standard NEMA mounting dimensions
  • Cable material according to drinking water regulations
  • SIC shaft seal for maximum sand protection
  • Optional PT 100 Sensor
  • Easy to mount with double flange.
  • Mech. Seal : Sic vs Sic/ Optional
Application :
  • Suitable to couple with deep-well submersible pump ends
  • Used for Irrigation, domestic water supply
  • Fountains, Industrial water supply
  • Pressure boosting units
  • Ponds, Gardens,
  • Sprinkler Systems and Mining

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50 HZ Pumps

Our Product Range

> 4" Motor Series

> 6" Motor Series

> 8" Motor Series

> 10" Motor Series

We manufacture a wide range of submersible motors of various sizes starting from 100 mm. We have uniquely positioned ourselves as one of the principal suppliers of submersible motors in India and abroad. Shakti submersible motors are made of 100% stainless steel with high precision and workmanship as per the NEMA standards. They are very easy to dismantle and repair and has no priming and suction problems. Shakti submersible motors need no special maintenance and consume low electricity. It's robust structure and totally corrosion proof body ensures durability and reliability. They are not vulnerable to high voltage fluctuations and guarantee higher efficiency.

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As India's leading manufacturer of energy efficient submersible pumps, we are well-known in our industry. We create our products for a number of sectors including agricultural, industrial, domestic and horticultural. However, this wasn't always the case. Since our humble beginnings back in 1982, we have worked hard to get to where we are today and have had to embrace every opportunity that has come our way.