Why choose Sun Shakti Inverter?

A made in india proven technology to achieve transfer of solar energy to grid.

Reduce energy bill

The Sun Shakti transfers solar energy into the utility grid and it works on the principle of net metering thereby reduces the electricity bill. There is no limitation to load connection in the grid.


The system comes with a unique user experience where it can control and monitored by SPL mobile app over Bluetooth. The system is also equipped with GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi module for communication.

Intelligent digital control

The grid-tie inverter’s intelligent digital control co-ordinate with all the energy sources connected to it and ensures maximum energy harvesting from PV.


Grid Tie inverter!

The main reason people chose to install and rely on a solar grid-tie inverter system is to save the environment and money. The sun shakti grid-tie inverter addresses the challenge of the internment of solar energy by using a net metering principle. any amount of load can be connected in the grid solar energy is intermittent. .

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Everything on mobile

Use your android device to monitor everything.

The device has an RS232 port wherein Shakti dongle can be connected to archive various features of communication and IoT. This dongle communicated to the shakti RMS app.


it provides a user-friendly graphical user interface(GUI) by which user can easily operate the mobile app.

The real monitoring feature are used to provide real parameters like today generated pow, cumulative power, grid/solar-related parameter. Record Date, signal strength indicator is shown in real-time

the device is capable of operating with Bluetooth wherein real monitoring and data extraction via Bluetooth is archived using Shakti dongle.


Shakti Solar makes your life easy

Make your life easy, get a better way to communicate.

More than a Grid

The proper guide that helps you to unlock the real potential.

Installation Guide

The installation guide provided the installation procedure for safe operation and uses. The installation guide can be downloaded from here.

Live call support

call us on 1800 103 5555.


Super clean user
interface for easier use.

Shakti RMS (Remote monitoring System) is a web based application designed by Shakti Pump to Monitor & Control all its pumps, Starters remotely. This web application provides interface to manage and control these devices remotely and locate them on map using GPS location

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