Shakti Pumps - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Failure of Control Box & Capacitors

Green Foundation

Motor De Rating

Motor Over Load

Solar Powered Pump

Pren Value

Boiler Feeding

HYPN System

Putting value on efficiency

Suction size vs delivery size

FAQ on foundation & Baseplates.

FAQ on Bush Failure.

FAQ on Washer.

FAQ on Pump Selection Criteria

FAQ on SPLine Failure

FAQ on Shakti VFD Output Filter

FAQ on Pipeing Connection

FAQ on Sealing System for Waster Water Application

FAQ on Shakti Wear and Wearing Rings

FAQ on Welding

Cable Selection for Submersible Pumps Set

FAQ on Thrust Force

FAQ on Factors affects in boiler feed Application Pump

FAQ on Classification of waste water Pump

FAQ on Coupling and its Balancing

FAQ on Minimum Submerge Requirement in Submersible Pump

FAQ on PT Sensor

FAQ on Variable Speed Operation of Submersible Pump

FAQ on Pump sizing for boiler feed Applications

FAQ on Voltage Surge

The attachment show the discussion of reason for failure of various component of submersible motor and how to minimize such type of failure to increase the life of the component by taking precautions.

See the attachment for various method which reduce the vibration in pumps and what is factor for responsible for vibration in pumps.

As per attachment discuss about various methods to align the surface motor and pump to minimize the failure cause

In this attachment discuss about what is the corrosion and different types of corrosion cause to failure of the component.

In this attachment discuss about how to start Motor.

In this attachment discuss about Cooling of Submersible Motor.

In this attachment discuss about Mechanical Seal.

In this attachment discuss about Pump Liquid PH Value.

In this attachment discuss about NPSH.

In this attachment discuss about Ball Bearing Failure.


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