Company Profile

Shakti being one of the pioneers in manufacturing of energy efficient pumps and motors with its latest series of new advanced solar energy operated pumps has emerged as a prestigious brand in domestic and international markets.

"Shakti" brand products are well received in the market as they are conforming to national international quality standards coupled with superior and durability. Shakti offers advanced water pumping solutions to a wide range of applications such as irrigation – flood and micro irrigation, horticulture, domestic water supply, commercial and industrial applications and so on. With a leading position in solar pump markets in India, Shakti exports a wide range of pumping products to over 100 countries globally.

With a humble beginning way back in 1982, we had worked hard to get where we are today and have had embraced every opportunity that has come in our way. Luckily, a combination of passion, grit and determination signifies that our business has not only grown, it has truly flourished over the years. And now, we are proud to say that we have achieved our goal “to become the best in class pumping solution provider” on a global scale”.

Quality and energy efficiency are our hallmarks that instills pride in us as a pioneer in manufacture of stainless steel submersible pumps and motors. With commitment to sustainable energy goals and climate change mitigation efforts, we have diversified into solar energy operated pumps and rooftop products and have a cumulative installed capacity of over 200MW which itself manifest our commitments to green energy initiatives.

With superior quality at global benchmarks, we are competing with globally-renowned businesses thanks to our advanced production facilities, high-tech processes and innovative designs which set us apart from the rest. We believe in quality, ethics and customer orientation that drives us to work our way up to become world class.

Being in this position - a global pioneer of such innovative technology - means that Shakti is able to focus on the things that really matter; that is producing the highest quality, most energy efficient pumps possible. In fact, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has awarded Shakti with 5-star ratings for more than 260 of our pump models. Not bad going, if we do say so ourselves!

Our pumps are not only energy efficient, but also long-lasting and very easy to maintain

Because we have been able to put quality hand-in-hand with energy efficiency Shakti is at the forefront of the global pump industry. In short, we are able to offer our customers some of the best pumping solutions available in the world today

Manufacturing Set Up

As an international company we are able to offer solutions to a range of water-based problems in more than 125 countries around the world (and this number continues to grow).

Our focus is on customer satisfaction, innovative solutions and strong, reliable technology, all of which has helped us to compete at an international level and garner the attention of quality-conscious customers across the world.

Situated in central India - Pithampur, at the heart of Madhya Pradesh - Shakti Pumps is a specialist in the manufacture of a broad range of submersible pumps and motors for a variety of applications. We are one of the leading pump exporters in India, something we put down to our commitment to quality customer service and our innovative vision of the future.

From our humble beginnings we have managed to develop one of the most advanced assembly lines for the pumping sector in the world. We are well equipped with some of the most precise and efficient pieces of equipment, as well as some of the most highly-trained employees in the industry. Together, this is what makes Shakti the global force it is today, delivering intricate and unique high-quality pumping products. Our computerised testing facilities mean that each and every pump meets the highest of standards. No ifs, no buts; we constantly strive for perfection and continuously deliver quality products without exception

Shakti pumps and motors get put to work in a number of ways. They are used to supply fresh drinking water to communities, as well as for irrigation and agricultural purposes. They are also used to boost water pressure in high-rise buildings and to create broader water supply and waste management schemes in rural and urban communities. They have even been used by the fire-fighting emergency services.

So what does the future hold for Shakti Pumps? Never content to rest on our laurels, we have big plans. For one, Shakti aims to become a global leader in the pumping industry as a whole, setting the benchmark for future specialists.

We plan to make full use of our well-developed and highly motivated research and development (R&D) department. On a daily basis this team works to create pioneering technology, processes, applications and materials - and we are confident there is much more innovation and growth to come.

We also want to keep our motivation to the max, so Shakti remains one of the few companies that consistently offers new and exciting products and solutions in response to market needs

Of course, all of our future plans will be in keeping with Shakti's exacting standards. One of the ways in which Shakti maintains such high standards is by keeping the majority of production in-house. What this means is that all our products benefit from our advanced fabrication technology. Our in-house teams are also highly focussed on the production and design of everything Shakti produces, ensuring the best materials and methods are used every step of the way.

In the more immediate future, Shakti are proud to be actively expanding in the Pithampur area, with new units in Sector III of the Pithampur Industrial Area, and the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) also in the region. These new operational units will focus on specific product groups for all sectors on an international scale